Project description

The objective of this feasibility study was to investigate the opportunities, challenges, risks and costs for the retro-fit implementation of a full-scale carbon capture plant. Klemetsrudanlegget AS made a waste-to-energy (WtE) plant with CO2 emissions exceeding 300 000 tons per year available for the study. The feasibility study was based on the most mature and commercial technologies available for carbon capture and storage based on Egergigjenvinningsetaten’s (EGE) set criteria concerning the energy recovery plant at Klemetsrud: current operating data and operating conditions, existing and expected regulatory framework for land and concessions, in addition to data from the parallel technology studies for carbon capture and the transport and interim storage study.

Citec's scope

The feasibility study contained also sub-studies performed and reported by four other technology providers: Aker solutions, GE Alstom, MTR and Multiconsult. Citec was responsible for managing content, scope limits, needed inputs, communication, total project plan, time schedule and more. We ensured that all sub-studies were using the same structure in their reports. Citec provided recommendations regarding the continuation and direction of the sub-studies work. In addition to Citec´s total setup, the four sub-studies were evaluated, assessed and compiled into one feasibility report enabling solid decision grounds for the investment. In order to evaluate and steer the work by the sub-studies the existing WtE plant was modelled by Citec using thermodynamic calculation software (ThermoflowTM).

Case in brief
Customer: Energigjenvinningsetaten
Project location: Norway
Year completed: 2016