Project description

A total of six wood-fired power plants in various locations in Germany were built by end customer Bayernfonds BestEnergy1 GmbH. They were faced with the challenge of fulfilling the requirements of all six plants being constructed. Citec provided a cost-efficient design solution to the project.

Citec's scope

As a result of Citec’s modularised engineering solution, the design cost for the power plant project was significantly reduced as the design could be reused for all six plants, and the design solution also reduced the overall costs for the project as a whole.

The scope of services Citec carried out for the project consisted of engineering management as well as multi-discipline engineering solutions including:

  • Mechanical engineering: Piping design, Layout drawings, pipe and pipe component calculations and pipe stress analysis
  • Module design: Citec has over the years developed the modularisation of power plants in order lower the cost of engineering, logistics and installations as well as shorten the time for site works. A total of 22 standard modules developed by Citec were used in this project.
  • Civil design: Complete steel and building design above foundation.
  • Electrical design: Earthing calculations, cable and conduit routing foundation
Case in brief
Customer: MW Power
Project location: Germany
Year completed: 2011
Technical data:

22 standard modules designed by Citec were used in this project