Project description

Citec’s key activities for parts of the ethylene cracker plant project at the Tobolsk site:

  • Civil, Structural & Architectural detailed design
    • Concrete 44 000 m3
    • Structural steel 30 400 ton
    • Piles 17 400 pc
    • Architectural detailed design, Building Volume 134 000 m3
  • Concept design alignment, Basic and Detail HVAC engineering design
    • Compressor buildings & Waste water treatment unit. HVAC equipment specifications, full 3D modelling, piping, plumbing, electrical & control engineering.
  • Building safety and fire safety & protection
    • Compressor buildings & Waste water treatment unit
  • Field Engineers located at site

Citec's scope

  • Structural steel and concrete design of buildings and structures
  • Architectural design of buildings
  • HVAC process ventilation design
  • Building safety
  • Firefighting and detection system design
  • Gas detection system design
  • Paving design
Case in brief
Customer: Linde AG
Project location: Russian Federation
Year completed: 2019
Technical data:

Plant size: almost 1 square kilometre

Ethylene production/year: 1.5 million tonnes