Project description

The customer was planning a 10 MW biomass power plant in Sri Lanka and requested help in analysing and evaluating the proposed project.

The primary fuel to be used was wood chips.

Citec's scope

Citec’s solution was to setup a team of experts to complete the feasibility study. The results of the feasibility study were presented in a report, which gave detailed information on the evaluation criteria, the findings in the study and the recommendations for the project.

The report included:

  • Technology selection to list the options available for generation of power from biomass
  • Cycle selection: a comparative analysis of various cycle parameters such as live steam pressure and temperature, etc., considering various techno-economic factors such as initial cost of equipment, operating cost including fuel cost, auxiliary
    power consumption, etc.
  • Heat and Mass Balance Diagram (HMBD)
  • Project cost estimate and financial model, which included, estimates for cost of land, site and land development, cost of buildings and construction, equipment, main plant, utilities, fixed assets, engineering, construction management and training.
  • Conclusions and recommendations
Case in brief
Customer: Global Energy Company
Project location: Sri Lanka
Technical data:

Capacity of planned plant: 10 MW

Primary fuel: wood chips