Project description

OJSC “Volga” is one of the three biggest enterprises in Russia with respect to newsprint paper production with its share of 30% in the Russian-wide scope of paper production. The purpose of the power plant was production of electric and thermal power for own needs, increase of power supply reliability for OJSC “Volga” due to commissioning of its own reliable generation source, increase of production efficiency and cost cutting.

Citec's scope

The purpose of the feasibility study:

  • To mold a validated conclusion on expediency of the power and energy construction project implementation for the needs of the enterprise
  • To compare different variants for TPP construction
  • To recommend preferable and economically expedient variant of a technological layout of an electric power plant for upcoming designing and construction

Citec’s scope of work included main principle technical solutions on finding the most expedient basic equipment and heat balance of energy source, as well as business plan per each option, which allows to compare financial and economic indices of electric power plants.

Case in brief
Customer: OJSC "Volga"
Project location: Russian Federation