Light rail tram train for Škoda Transtech
Light rail tram train for Škoda Transtech

Project description

Desig of a brand-new light rail tram train prototype that our customer Škoda Transtech provided for the Helsinki City Transport in Finland.

A new generation light rail tram train with ergonomics and safety as top priorities. An ergonomic driver’s cabin with optimised visibility provided with windows and cameras. A fault diagnosis system that guides the driver in any fault situation and helps the service personnel in locating the fault. Many USB plugs inside the wagon for passengers to charge mobile devices.  Low-floor wagon that is accessible for people in wheelchairs or with strollers.

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Citec's scope

Citec provided structural design and detail design and did the modelling and drawings for the light rail tram train for Škoda Transtech. Our experts were also responsible for the correctness of the design structure. To be precise, we executed the design of the body, interior, insulation, external roofs, passage between wagons, bellows between wagons, door systems and electrification as well as air conditioning. We did the bogie design including FEM analysis and also the entire mechanics and electrification of the wagon excluding FEM analysis. Parts of the expert work as well as contact with suppliers and production was also our responsibility, in collaboration with Škoda Transtech.

Case in brief
Customer: Škoda Transtech
Project location: Finland
Year completed: 2021
Technical data:

Maximum length: 44 meters with 5 modules

Maximum speed: 80 km/h.