Hamina LNG terminal
Hamina LNG terminal

Project description

Construction of an LNG terminal in Finland. The  LNG terminal will be the first in Finland that connects the LNG terminal to the natural gas transmission network. The LNG Terminal operates as an open service company, offering open and competitive LNG terminal services to all market participants in the Finnish natural gas market. The first phase of the terminal, i.e. commercial availability, will be completed in 2022. Phase two, i.e. the expansion of the terminal, will be implemented flexibly according to market demand. In this phase, a second storage tank, a train loading station and a third parallel truck loading site will be added to the terminal.

About LNG

LNG liquified natural gas is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient fuel. It contains no heavy metals or sulphur and does not create particulate matter emissions. CO2 emissions from LNG are significantly lower than from other fossil fuels.

LNG provides natural gas technology and environmental benefits to energy production and industry in a cost-effective manner also outside the gas network. In addition to the needs of industry and energy production, LNG offers a clean and economical fuel solution for maritime transport and heavy road transport.

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Citec's scope

This is the second LNG import terminal project that we execute for our customer. It was beneficial to do a second similar project because we could utilise many of the valuable lessons learnt from the previous project. One improvement point was, for example, the possibility to execute the project with even more cost efficient engineering design.

In this interesting and challenging project we managed to collaborate well with the various other operators involved in the project execution. We had a significant role in the building permit process and we were responsible for document management and related collaboration with the authorities.

In this project our main responsibilities were

  • Engineering Management
  • 3D model management
  • Piping design
  • Terminal electrification design
  • Civil and structural engineering

Keywords: Sustainability, LNG, energy industry

Case in brief
Customer: Confidential
Project location: Finland
Year completed: 2020
Technical data:

Terminal main data:

  • Tank net volume: 30 000 m
  • Ship unloading rate: 2 000m3/h
  • Ship bunkering rate: 1 000m3/h
  • Send out, Low pressure: 200MW
  • Send out, High pressure: 200MW