The modular content creation method resulted in a reuse level of 50-100% per manual.

Project description

Elekta Oy needed expert advice on modular content creation. They previously used FrameMaker as a documentation tool and were looking for a solution to ease the move to structured documentation.

Citec's scope

Citec studied Elekta Oy’s needs and learned about the global Elekta documentation tools and standards. Content reuse and element structures were planned for Elekta according to the global instructions and DITA element guide.

Citec suggested easy entrance to modular documentation with CitecFemton services including:

  • technical writer located at customer premises
  • simple web-based solution for multilingual customer documentation
  • easy solution for collaboration and feedback.

Citec’s scope of work consisted of technical writing, technical illustration, information design, information architecture support and development project management. The deliverables included detailed project schedule, content plan and instructional documentation. Instruction for use was the first manual Citec created for Elekta. As it was created in a structured and modular way, its content could be reused in the other manuals within the same information set. The modular content creation method resulted in a reuse level of 50-100 % per manual.

Case in brief
Customer: Elekta Oy
Project location: Finland
Year completed: 2017