Project description

The Moorburg power plant is one of the first new hard coal fired power plant projects being built in Europe since mid 1990. The Moorburg power plant replaces the old oil-fired power plant built in the 1960’s.

Moorburg delivers electricity and district heating to the city of Hamburg for more than 450 000 households. KW Moorburg delivers 820 MW of electricity (2 x 820 MW) at 46% net efficiency, in addition the power plant can also deliver 720 MW of district heating. Due to the new technology and highest environmental standards used, 2,3 Mio Tons CO2 per year is reduced.

Citec's scope

The customer needed to produce and assemble over 2500 pipes for the project. The welding time on site would be very time consuming and slow down the project. By using Citec’s spooling application the customer was able to handle prefabrication of piping off-site and thus shortening the overall erection time on-site.

The Citec scope consisted of detailed design of piping for the intermediate and low pressure steam systems as well as for the district heating system. Citec delivered all the drawings and material lists for the ordering, pre-fabrication and installation of all the piping, pipe supporting and secondary steel structures for pipe supporting. Citec also delivered all the necessary documentation required by standards and notified body i.e. stress and flexibility analysis of piping, drawings, stress analysis of steel structures, pressure drop calculations etc.

Case in brief
Customer: Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Project location: Germany
Year completed: 2012
Technical data:

End customer: Vattenfall Europe Generation AG