Project description

Phase 1 : Jacobsen Elektro delivered the 150 MW gas-turbine power plant as a turnkey project to the Tanzanian utility company Tanesco in 2015. The event was an important milestone for the continued growth in the Tanzanian energy sector. The power plant is located in the Kinyerezi village, Dar es-Salaam in Tanzania

Phase 2 of the Kinyerezi plant will boost the national grid with an additional 185 megawatts.

The power plant is powered by  dual fuel gas-turbine generators from General Electric. It can operate on both natural gas and jet fuel.

Citec's scope

Phase 1: Citec provided consultation in project delivery as well as in project organisation and engineering setup. Consulting in procurement & modules, transportation & logistics and construction methods/installation was also part of Citec’s scope of work in this concept design.

Phase 2: The Citec team provide services from all disciplines to this project; basic design, detail design, purchasing support, site support, site documentation, final documentation and a training scope.

Case in brief
Customer: Jacobsen Elektro As
Project location: Tanzania, United Republic Of
Year completed: 2017
Technical data:

Phase 1 (2012-2015): 150MW
Phase 2 (2016-2017): 185MW