Project description

Alstom, a global leader in power generation equipment and services supplied a 300 MW unit (with an option for a second unit) for a fossil and biomass fuel power plant in Narva, Estonia. The plant is based on Circulation Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler technology and is fuelled with local oil shale and biomass.

Citec's scope

Structural steel engineering for boiler house building at the Narva power plant consisted of multi-discipline engineering such as:

  • basic and detail engineering for oil shale silos and intermediate bottom ash silos steel structures
  • conceptual engineering, workshop engineering.

Conceptual engineering

  • Conceptual studies/ pre-sizing of main steel structures
  • Structural concepts
  • Design assumption notes
  • Structural analyses model of main steel structures
  • Preliminary foundation loads
  • Pre-design phase
  • Early version of guide drawings

Basic engineering

  • General Documents
  • Structural analyses and calculation notes
  • 3D modelling
  • Guide drawings
  • Typical welding sketches
  • Typical detail drawings
  • Forge material lists
  • Main connections
  • Documents lists
  • Erection documents
  • Risk Analyses
  • Foundation load tables
  • Anchoring drawings

Detail engineering

  • General Documents
  • Connection calculation notes
  • Detail drawings
  • Bill of material (BOQ)
  • Documents lists
  • Erection drawings and documents
  • Establishment of “AS BUILT” files

Workshop engineering

  • Workshop drawings and documents
Case in brief
Customer: ALSTOM Power Systems SA
Project location: Estonia
Year completed: 2016
Technical data:
  • 1 x 300 MW (with an option for a second unit of same electrical output)

Steel structure quantity (total 8 700 tn):

  • Main-, secondary- and auxiliary steel structures: 7 750 tn
  • Bottom ash silos and oil shale silos: 950 tn