EPCM consultants
EPCM consultants

Project description

The project is a fertilizer plant producing ammonia and urea, and located in Iowa, U.S.

Citec's scope

Multi-discipline detail engineering for the following units:

  • Desulphurisation area
  • Ammonia Recovery and HRU area
  • Methanation Deaerator area (Boiler Feed Water)
  • Compression area
  • Waste Heat recovery & CO conversion area
  • Ammonia Synthesis & Refrigeration area
  • Boiler package area
  • Steam generation area
  • Urea synthesis area
  • Urea granulation & Refrigeration area
  • Pipe rack
Case in brief
Customer: ThyssenKrupp India
Project location: United States
Year completed: 2014
Technical data:


Ammonia: 3640 TPD

Urea: 3850 TPD