Project description

Det norske is the operator of the Ivar Aasen field (previously named Draupne Hanze field), a major offshore field being developed for oil and gas production. The customer was searching for the optimal development for the oil and gas resources using an offshore platform or a FPSO. M7 assisted in this by simulation of the well streams with different capacities, pressure and compositions. Various processes were simulated to give the final required specifications of the oil and gas, as specified for each case and alternative receiving pipeline or platform inlet requirements in the close by area.

Citec’s solution was simulations of agreed process solutions and specifications, based on tie-in requirements of existing fields or pipelines, or development of a separate offshore platform or FPSO.

Citec's scope

During early phase of the project, Det norske had several alternatives for routing the production of oil and gas, which required design and simulation of many alternatives to be investigated in order to give the optimal technical and commercial result as input to concept
evaluations. M7 was involved in over 100 of the simulation cases as basis for Det norske to select best alternative solutions. Hysys (AspenTech) was used as the mail simulator tool for the work.

In brief the work included:

• More than 100 process simulations with various inputs and outputs. Variations of input compositions, flow, pressure  and temperature. Variations of the process equipment design in the oil process and gas treatment systems achieving the required oil, gas and water specifications for the various alternative tie-ins.

• Study of optimal location of Water Injection Sulphate Removal Unit (SRU) in the Water Injection treatment system. This required weight, cost and operational experience.

• Topside equipment design (MainEquipment List) and weights verification.

Case in brief
Customer: Det norske
Project location: Norway
Year completed: 2011