Project description

The original carbon steel piping system (internally FBE coated pipes) was experiencing corrosion at the flanges and at the weld joints that caused high iron content and consequently affected the RO membranes performance. The piping system was evaluated and it was recommended to replace it with non-metallic material.

Citec's scope

Citec scope was to provide engineering and drafting services for the preparation of design and detailed drawings for replacing the carbon steel raw water piping system with RTR piping material. The detailed design packages from Citec includes the following:

  1. Field-verification and updation in all exiting layout drawings, P&IDs, isometric drawings prior to start of detailed design.
  2. Demolition drawings for existing CS raw water piping system.
  3. Installation of new non-metallic piping material in replacement of carbon steel pipes.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect all instrument connected on the piping system.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect all electrical connected on the instrument and MOV.
  6. Provide new necessary modification on pipe support foundation details as required for new piping material as per hydraulic and piping stress analysis calculations.
  7. Provide independent supports & foundations for existing metallic valves to protect the new piping from additional stress.
  8. Hydraulic and stress analysis calculations for the replacement piping.
  9. Preparation of MTO estimate, DCPR and cat-1 estimates at 90% design stage.
Case in brief
Customer: Confidential
Project location: Saudi Arabia
Year completed: 2012