Project description

End customer Tüpras Izmit Refinery started production in 1961. With 1 million ton/year capacity of crude oil processing and as a result of significant capacity expansion and investments over the years, the refinery is capable of production at Euro-V standards in compliance with EU norms. To secure the steam supply, Aalborg Engineering A/S delivered a SteamGenTM8 Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) with steam data 165 t/h, 70 bar, 420°C.

Citec's scope

  • Piping stress calculations
  • Structural engineering for:
    • boiler support structure
    • boiler support beams (BSB)
    • BSB casing
    • chimney
    • top hat
    • silencer in boiler outlet
    • foundation bolts and templates
    • stair tower, stairs, platforms and ladders
    • supports for equipment and pipes.

The engineering included all calculations, reports, drawings and 3D models resulted in a documentation including piping flex calculation reports, static calculation reports, design basis reports, general note, workshop drawings and GA drawings.

Case in brief
Customer: Aalborg Engineering A/S
Project location: Turkey
Year completed: 2012