Project description

Conversion of existing underground rock storage caverns into a heat storage facility.

There were several challenges that were solved by skilled Citec engineers.
• Design of a basement next to the existing building and shaft with very limited excavation and construction space.
• Design of a floor above the hot water in the shaft, taking into account the corrosive environment due to +95°C sea water directly below the walk space.
• Adaption of the process to be able to utilise the storage both when the plant is in operation and in standby. Also allowing the sector
coupling, i.e. charging of the heat storage from off site locations during plant standby.
• Pipe routing and supporting for large bore pipes in between existing buildings without disturbing existing installations.
• Dimensioning of pumps and system to allow the flexible charge and discharge of the heat storage.

Citec's scope

Citec’s responsibility was the concept for Detail Design and Engineering for the following areas:
• Process
• Piping
• Civil

Also, integration into existing process was part of Citec’s scope.

Case in brief
Customer: Vaskiluodon Voima
Project location: Finland
Year completed: 2020
Technical data:

Heat storage facility main data:

  • Total volume of storage 210.000 m3
  • 7-9 GWh storage capacity
  • 100 MW load/unload capacity