Project description

Westenergy constructed a waste-to-energy power plant utilising burnable waste from five municipal waste companies in western Finland. The power plant produces the energy from waste and thereby reducing the dependency of fossile fuels needed for energy generation in the area. The plant is a long term solution for the municipalities taking into account possible tighter emission and efficiency demands in the future and also minimizing the waste dumping. The output from the power plant is converted to electricity and district heating for the regions largest energy company. The Westenergy power plant produces more than a third of the district heating energy for the surrounding area.

The power plant burns waste 150 000t/a. The efficiency ratio of the plant is about 85%, fuel capacity 61 MWth, electricity capacity 15 MWe brutto, district heating capacity 40 MW and operation hours 8000 h/a.

Citec's scope

Citec scope of work was complete civil engineering consisting of structural concrete design, structural steel design, architectural and envelope design. Building electrical design, public procurement, HVAC/ plumbing design, geotechnical design and fire case simulation (CFD). Citec also handled all local authority coordination with permitting departments and the fire department. Site supervision, construction management and overall 3D-model coordination for all the LOT’s A, B, C and D (clash checking and reporting) were also part of Citec´s scope.

Case in brief
Customer: Rambøll A/S
Project location: Finland
Year completed: 2013
Technical data:
  • Gross building area: ca 16 000 m2
  • Gross building volume: ca 220 000 m3
  • Concrete used: ca 19 000 m3
  • Steel (building frame): ca 1000 tons
  • Project budget: 140 M€