Citec’s founder and Chairman Rune Westergård has been awarded Knight, First Class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland.

“Rune Westergård founded Citec in the 1980’s along with his friend Rolf Berg. Due to long-term work, the company has grown into a significant consultancy with special focus on the energy industry. Today, the Citec companies employ 1,000 people mostly in Finland, Sweden and India. The list of client companies is clearly very impressive,” says Bengt Jansson, Managing Director of Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce.

Rune Westergård is Chairman of the Citec companies’ boards and board member of Novia, the University of Applied Sciences at Åbo Akademi. He is also actively involved in the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce activities.

“I am proud of this award and dedicate it to all at Citec, who have helped us become a strong industry player with global operations. Success in business comes through a solid business idea, smooth interaction between the right parties and employees, and the ability to take risks when necessary”, said Rune Westergård.