Process industry

Our profound understanding of industrial processes and regulations helps us design your plant to ensure process safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Pulp & Paper

Citec has more than 20 years of experience from a wide range of projects within the pulp and paper industry. Our engineering and documentation services cover every phase of a project in all existent departments of a pulp & paper mill. Our local presence combined with global resourcing ensure that your plant is planned and developed with the best qualified engineers.

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Sustainable plant engineering

Since its birth, the competitive process industry has been always changing in terms of technology, regulations and markets. The industry demands proficient and inventive plant engineering that can easily adapt to these changes and at the same time control investment costs. Our broad industrial experience, innovative and value adding approach, and in-depth understanding of process engineering makes us a powerful and effective partner for technology providers/EPC companies in the segment. We follow best practices of plant engineering sustaining productivity, performance, cost efficiency and process safety.

We go the extra mile

Citec’s services also extend beyond the traditional commitments as we constantly strive to develop long term relations with our customers. We believe that knowing our customer and their products is a key success factor when developing new solutions and products.

Citec has a long and unique experience of strategic partnering and outsourcing concepts where long term targets are key issues. Our market capacity is worldwide and our projects are globally resourced with the best qualified engineers for each specific task.

We know regional norms and standards

Citec has assisted Linde Engineering since 2014 on one of the largest ethylene plants in Russia.

One of the decisive factors was Citec’s know-how regarding construction-related Russian standards and norms.

Nilesh Kulkarni, General Manager, Project Execution at Linde Engineering India.

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We serve various industries

Our services cover all disciplines and every phase of a process plant project, everywhere in the world. Our customers benefit from synergies derived from our broad industrial experience. Our teams have experience from working with clients in various industries, some of them mentioned below:

  • Pulp & paper
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Cement
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Water treatment

Pulp & paper

Citec has more than 20 years of experience from a wide range of projects within the pulp and paper industry. Our engineering and documentation services cover every phase of a project in all existent departments of a pulp & paper mill.  Citec technical and process expertise provide basic and detailed engineering for:

Pulp industry

  • Pulp mill technologies and design
  • Wood handling
  • Pulping line
  • Complete fibre lines of chemical and mechanical pulping
    • Bleaching
    • Chemical recovery cycle
  • Steam and power generation
  • Utility systems
  • Re-cycled paper pulping

Paper industry

  • Paper mill technology and design
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Steam and power generation
  • Utility systems
  • Re-cycled paper pulping

Chemicals & Fertilizers

Citec has designed process plants for various chemicals including fertilizers. Citec technical and process expertise fingerprints can be found in the following sytems

  • Cryogenic systems
  • Chemical production systems
  • Plant utility systems
  • Storage and distribution systems

For the chemical industry Citec has proven expertise in several staffing intensive projects where state of the art resourcing and project management is the cornerstone for success of the project.

Citec's solution for Tall Oil plant - CitecCTO

Citec has developed a new, modern solution for Tall Oil plants, based on tested, robust technology but controlled with modern automation technology. CitecCTO plant concept is more economical compared to other tall oil solutions available in the market, due to its higher yield and improved availability. Furthermore, it handles fluctuations and starts/stops better, requires less maintenance and offers lower running costs. Citec has been involved in the Tall Oil business since 2007. Our decade long experience has led to the development of this modern yet economical concept.

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We can support you through all project phases

Concept development

We can help you define which project delivery methodology is best for your particular project and help you manage the full process concept development. Considering what parts can be modularised is part of this stage.

Feasibility studies

Is your planned project profitable? Is your technological solution feasible? We can help you find out by investigating opportunities, challenges, risks and costs. We can define the most feasible technological solution for you and prepare all relevant documentation you need when seeking financing for your plant.

FEED/Basic engineering

Citec offers FEED/Basic services for your plant to ensure constructability. P&ID, equipment & plant component requirements defined by all disciplines.

Extended basic engineering

During the extended basic engineering stage, foundation loads are defined and 30% plant model is approved by customer. This stage is executed by a Citec team geographically close to you. When completed, work may be downloaded to BCC (best cost country). The core team stays close to you throughout the project.

Detail engineering

We provide detail engineering services across all disciplines. When the basic engineering is done, we put the plans into practice by specifying all the equipment and structures in detail in order to install, construct and operate the plant.


With the help of our procurement experts, you can rest assure the procurement process is valid whether the procurement is public or not. Typical services are: • procurement planning • preparation of offer requests • analyses and evaluation of bids and offers • negotiations with suppliers • purhase orders • expediting and at-site inspection of project materials and equipment • warranty issues

Construction management

We manage the project's construction services including management, coordination and supervision of work performed by contractors. Quality, cost and time control.


We provide commissioning management for all disciplines (civil, electrical, automation, mechanical, process). Standard services include commissioning planning, supervision of cold & hot commissioning, operational training etc.

Site management

We can take full project responsibility of site management for all disciplines from mobilisation to demobilisation, as a total enterprise or part thereof according to your requirements.

Plant engineering services

Project management

Citec is a trusted partner within industry projects. Our IPMA-certified project managers focus on measurable results and ensure high quality in complex projects.


Permitting, licensing, and other authorization procedures are an integral part of a plant investment project. Citec provide services that can drastically affect project time schedule, costs and project risk.

Plant safety

Our experienced safety team can give you peace of mind by handling both safety and fire protection cost-efficiently throughout the plant’s life cycle. We have expert knowledge in legal requirements, local safety standards and specific safety regulations.

Layout & Piping

Our layout and piping engineers are responsible for the plot plan preparation and piping design as well as the overall coordination of the plant 3D model including systematic reviews with all the disciplines resulting in a clash-free model.


By modularising and conceptualising your product families, we can help you decrease project time & cost. Increasing safety and quality at the same time.

Civil & Structural

We offer you a complete civil construction detail design including project coordination and quality assurance through BIM.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Citec’s Electrical & Instrumentation team can provide complete engineering services throughout the project lifecycle. Our services ensure the electrical network protection, efficient energy utilization, accurate control and monitoring. By utilising our engineers globally, we are very flexible and can take full responsibility of the E&I design in your project.


Citec’s process engineering team ensures the functionality of the plant from a process and economical feasibility point of view.


Citec HVAC team can assist you with full HVAC services from early design stages with evaluation of systems, through detailed layouts and assembly drawings to training material and as builts.

Technical documentation

Accurate information finds you. Wherever you are. On any device.


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