Statoil has placed an order for Citec’s weight and cost estimation software tool, Ciesta. Statoil is an integrated oil and gas company based in Norway, and is in an expansive phase internationally.

The delivery from Citec includes upgrading and maintenance of the delivered software and solid support in all phases.

With Ciesta it is possible to carry out weight and cost estimations for platform topsides with far more accuracy than was previously conceivable.

Statoil will utilise Ciesta for early phase project estimation for topsides in the Statoil portfolio.

“We are very happy to get the trust for our solution from a large company such as Statoil. This enables us to expand further”, says Henning Flingtorp, Director, Project Development, Citec Norway.

Oil companies, platform operators, ship owners, contractors and licence shareholders benefit from better estimates. Sound and proper estimates make it easier to make the best decisions, for example which topside is best adapted for the intended purpose and whether the project economy will be satisfactory. The Ciesta solution consists of three parts; the Ciesta software itself, a vast database, and the expert using the software and database together to generate the best possible estimates.

For more information, kindly contact Henning Flingtorp.