Citec has refined the strategy and the main product offerings – we focus stronger on value creation within for four key offerings: plant engineering, product engineering, technical documentation and digital solutions for the energy, oil & gas, process and manufacturing industry customers.

“In 2019, we have succeeded with solid improvement in project management, delivery processes and quality, as well as in cost efficiency”, says Johan Westermarck, CEO, Citec Group. “In 2020, we focus on growth. Citec’s value proposition to our customers is that we provide plant and product engineering, and value-added services for technical documentation and digital solutions with the right quality in a safe and sustainable way. Through partnering and joint development with our customers we bring the needed competence, flexibility and cost efficiency”, says Johan Westermarck.

As one main action, the integration of Technical Documentation and Digital Solutions will start as of January. Robotic Process Automation will be a part of our engineering and technical documentation services to ensure cost-efficiency, quality and speed in our customer deliveries. We bring in Digital twin platforms enabling our customers to maximize the utilization of their plant information and further develop their business throughout the whole lifecycle of the plant. We continue to work with standardized delivery processes, combined with competence development, to continue to deliver high quality services for the optimal customer experience. “We are truly excited about strengthening our partnerships with our customers via innovation and proactive way of working”, says Westermarck.