It’s important for us to offer continuous competence development opportunities for our employees. For instance, in the spring we organised a Citec Project Management training program with five modules for our experts. The course was held by internal trainers. In total more than 60 persons completed all modules and all tests and earned a Citec Project Management certificate.

The purpose of the training program was to align everyone according to the same way of working within project management in Citec Group. All phases in the project were walked through, starting from the offering phase until project closing – all with a concrete, hands-on approach. The PM handbook and guidelines were used as a base for the training, with references to the available templates and tools.

It’s important to arrange a course like this for all project managers and project leaders because they need to know our internal way of working and available systems by heart in order to be able to lead effectively and with high standards. During the course we covered the whole project delivery process and related sales process.

Kaj Björkqvist, Senior Director, Projects.

When the way of working is clear – everyone knows where to find documents and templates, the roles and responsibilities are clear – then the process will for sure work smoother. Also, there is less risk on the quality side if everyone is fully aligned.

Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed the training program!