Citec is a long-term technical documentation partner to Wärtsilä’s Energy Solutions. By utilizing new digitalization methods for handling Wärtsilä’s large need of technical documentation, the cost savings have proved to be substantial. Citec works close with Wärtsilä with technology visions to ensure that Wärtsilä meets the future requirements.

“We have modernized our way of working with technical documentation and, jointly with Citec, built up future-proof solutions”, says Jarkko Vettenranta, General Manager, Project Quality & Documentation, Wärtsilä. “Compiling has traditionally been the most labour-intensive work when preparing the digital set of O&M manuals for the delivered plant. Together with Citec we have put constant efforts on automating the flow of documents from suppliers to consumers. Today we are able to provide the customer and construction site on-line access to the manuals already while the manual set is being built. We have introduced new structures where the focus is on availability of the essential documentation ensuring that the operators have fast access to it in any situation, while leaving the reference documentation in the background but still easily findable. We have succeeded greatly with the target to minimize the amount of manual work in navigation reports and compiling. Total cost savings amount to 35%”, says Jarkko Vettenranta.

Citec is committed to the digitalization boom. Smart management of information and data equals less complexity, increased usability, new areas of application and effective life cycle cost. We invest in document control solutions so that customers not only have solutions that work today, but also in the next ten years. We move product data into a product data cycle – project documentation, product documentation, supplier logistics, quality assurance of documentation, modular information creation and maintenance are vital parts in our offering. We utilise advanced technology bringing our content into the digital world of VR and AR.

Citec’s way of working is truly global through the local presence and global resourcing across eleven countries. “A company like Wärtsilä has very varying needs also when it comes to resourcing in the field of technical documentation”, says Johan Lövholm, Senior Development Engineer, Project Quality & Documentation, Wärtsilä. “Citec offers global competence teams, who know us well and therefore immediately are capable of handling different needs”, Johan Lövholm comments.

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