It is our firm belief that everyone is entitled to psychologically and physically safe and healthy working environment. We at Citec believe in proactively promoting employees’ health and well-being at work; in our own offices, while working at customer premises and also during business trips. Therefore, we take both preventive as well as supportive actions related to general employee well-being. We have risk management for the main health and safety risks in all our operations, we conduct employee surveys regularly and take corrective actions based on them.

How do we promote physical well-being at Citec?

Everything starts from office safety. All Citec locations and countries have local occupational safety committees or safety representatives. We have office policies and safety plans that all employees are required to follow.

Various ergonomic solutions and instructions help and guide in maintaining and improving physical well-being. We offer occupational health services, measure sick leave rates regularly and offer managers tools and guidance in their teams’ health and illness management. In case of employee sickness, Citec actively works towards a smooth return to work for the individual.

What do we do to ensure psychological and social well-being?

At Citec everyone is treated equally. We respect each other’s freedom of thought, opinion, religion and assembly peacefully. Discrimination or harassment based on race, nationality, gender, age or any other reason is not tolerated. We also monitor payment gaps systematically together with employee representatives. Employee surveys are conducted regularly and we take corrective actions based on the results.

Furthermore, we offer material and training regarding work-life balance, stress relief and time management. Also, our hybrid way of working facilitates balancing work and free time.

Having fun and being able to laugh at work is also important. We believe in helping and supporting each other – being one Global Citec Family. The responsibility of a well-functioning and psychologically safe workplace is carried by each individual and by all the teams i.e. we all contribute to a positive working atmosphere. Additionally, local Fun Clubs arrange social activities such as Christmas parties or summer get-togethers.

Let’s continue supporting each other for health and safety!


Personnel and Social Responsibility at Citec

Our Health and Safety Policy