Johnny, what is your best project ever at Citec?

I’d like to mention two projects, both were large boiler plants to Germany (500MW and 2*800MW), where we did the middle and low-pressure piping. Simply the best ones in my opinion because of the size on piping and the high-quality requirements that were set on to us – and we succeeded very well.

Why were they the best projects?

First of all, we learned a lot. Through persistent work we were able to fulfill the requirements. In order to handle the huge amount of work, we developed solid internal work processes. We also developed our design tools to fit those processes. Through the two projects we developed and improved the company competence and started a strong piping design journey as of 2007, which has continued strongly.

What is your role at Citec today, and why do you like to work here?

I work as an Expert in piping and conducting both project work, but also assisting and advising my colleagues regarding technical problems. As a discipline champion, I also develop our ways of working, specifications and directives, and do quality related development. I would characterise Citec as an easy place to work at – simply put a non-bureaucratic organisation. You can call top management anytime.

What do you personally try to do in customer projects? Do you have an own “signature” that you like to bring forward in challenging projects?

I always try to think about the whole project and try to promote this mindset to the project team. What I mean is that we should always think of the complete project, and not only concentrate on our own (little) part. We also need to think about, and communicate, how Citec will provide added value to our customer, and even to the end customer.

What is the best thing with being an expert at Citec?

The best thing with being an Expert is that I can work with a sense of freedom. I like the advisor aspect in the position – I am usually contacted if people bump into technical challenges that they cannot solve, and therefore I feel that my engineering expertise in piping is really utilised in Citec when I can help someone.

Does your work at Citec matter to society to some extent, do you think? In what way?

My projects have mostly been located outside Finland, so the impact has been elsewhere. However, as Citec is a global organisation we contribute by tearing down walls between nations and nationalities, and instead bring people together in building smart energy or process industry solutions for societies.