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What we do

We deliver services through global high performing expert organisation with superior quality, competence, flexibility and cost efficiency to our customers.
Sustainability is important for us. We have, for many years, worked with projects within LNG, carbon capture and storage, solar, hydrogen, waste to energy and more.
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Our Expertise

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We have experience in process engineering since the 1990’s and possess a solid competence in multi-disciplinary plant engineering. Our process engineers are included in the conceptual, basic and detailed engineering phases. Specific requirements are considered to fulfill your plant output and process requirements.
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Piping & Layout

Tight project schedules set high demands on smooth design processes merging all design disciplines systematically together. Our core compentences in layout & piping design vary from consulting expert services to being part in multi-discipline turnkey plant projects, whichever is your need.
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Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation

Our Electrical & Instrumentation team can provide complete engineering services throughout the project lifecycle. By utilising our engineers globally, we are very flexible and can take full responsibility of the E&I design in your project. ​
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Civil & Structural

At Citec, we bring together local and global expertise with the highest quality requirements when it comes to your company’s project. Our design competence covers all engineering disciplines for industrial and commercial buildings.
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Product & Mechanical

With efficient processes, advanced tools and the right expertise, Citec’s product design teams can help you get your products to market faster. At Citec, we work on adding the highest possible value into your product, in terms of functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability.
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Plant safety

Our experienced safety team can give you peace of mind by handling both safety and fire protection cost-efficiently throughout the plant’s life cycle. We have expert knowledge in legal requirements, local safety standards and specific safety regulations.
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Technical Documentation

With more than 100 experts within technical documentation in Europe and India and with experience from more than 1000 technical documentation projects worldwide, we are well positioned to create and manage the content for your industrial project needs.
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Project Management

State-of-the art resourcing and project management is the cornerstone for success of the project. Our IPMA-certified project managers make sure that each delivery is according to the required national and international standards.
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Project Engineering

We manage project’s technical solutions to fulfil requirements with project costs, schedule and your needs in focus.
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Project Quality Assurance

Ensuring optimal Project Quality leads to smoother and more cost efficient execution of your project. Our quality experts secure compliance with contractual requirements and applicable standards.
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Our design tools

We continuously develop our competence within the newest design tools on the market to help you stay one step ahead. Securing your total project cost is essential to us. That is why we utilise and maximise machine intelligence and robotise all routine jobs and work phases.
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Why Citec?

We are easy to work with and a reliable partner. Our processes are proven to support successful long-term partnerships and outsourcings.

We offer you flexibility on demand.

With our high competence we deliver superior quality and we have competence to provide added value for growing your business.

We ensure cost efficiency for your projects. Through our excellently functioning Europe – India delivery model your cost reduction can be up to 40%.

Delivery models

Our expertise is in adjusting our delivery according to your needs. With local presence and global resourcing, our project managers and key experts are always close to the customer.

Flexi: We can provide experts to balance your workload peaks to guarantee rapid deployment of your project.

Expert: We provide short or long term consulting for your specific need guaranteeing the top competence that is required for your project.

Single: We offer you flexibility in a one time project with a large scale competence.

Repeated: We provide large scale competence and flexibility in repeated projects or service agreements to obtain superior quality and cost efficiency as accumulation of knowledge.

Partnering: With outsourced business processes to Citec, you get the continuous services that you need, with flexibility. Read more