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Together with our large network of engineers, any engineering problem can be solved.

Welcome to Citec Sweden - Your Engineering Partner!

Citec Sweden is part of Citec Group with headquarters in Karlstad and office in Stockholm. We currently have about 30 employees and we continuously include another 100 of Citec engineers and partners with assignments and projects carried out and led by the Swedish organisation.

Our local expertise includes project management, pipe engineering, mechanics, process, electrical, instrumentation and automation as well as engineering analysis. Most of our projects are in energy and process industry, pharmaceuticals, and in paper and pulp.

We are in an expansive phase and are actively looking for new employees – so check out our vacancies or submit an open application!

Professional, driven and agile partner

We contribute to our customers achieving their goals, both regarding strategy and sustainability.

With our local presence and our broad network of expertise, both globally within Citec group but also through partners, we can offer you the full palette of Citec Group’s engineering and technical documentation services. We put great importance on well-being and cooperation, so that both customers and employees feel taken care of!

Our projects vary from one-man assignments to overall responsibility for large multidisciplinary projects. Depending on the wishes and needs of our customers, we can be part of the customer organisation or work independently.


Looking for a strong partner for your pulp or paper project?

Citec can support you in all project stages.


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Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation

Our expertise in EIA is within energy, oil and gas, process, medTech and production technology. Citec Sweden’s EIA team can carry out projects and project management with a partial or overall responsibility. Also, we have availability for specialist assignments with direct deliveries in ongoing projects or to the end customer without an intermediary. We have capacity for small, large and mega projects.

Our offering includes cost-effective feasibility studies and design assignments in new and existing facilities within Electric power construction and electrical design, Control system PLC, DCS, and Instrumentation as well as Robotics.

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Project management

Flexibility is the key for Citec Sweden, and it really applies to the discipline of project management.  We give you access to expertise both in terms of project management, regardless of industry, and experienced project managers in each specific discipline. We are experienced in working with different types of projects such as research and development projects, investment projects, feasibility studies and implementation projects.

Citec Sweden is used to assisting customers in creating business plans and developing the business based on customer needs and wishes. We ensure easy and efficient process and information flow thanks to close cooperation with technical documentation within Citec Group.

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Plant Design

A good mixture of junior, senior and expert consultants with experience in many different industries and project sizes.  Focus on mentoring to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

We have strong track-record in planning, producing necessary documentation and managing contacts with notified bodies. Our experts can be responsible for all parts of the project phase in concept, basic or detailed engineering.

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Experience in concept development, feasibility studies, technical quotation documentation, system and detailed design. Our services include:

  • Design and product development
  • Procurement of services and components
  • CAD drawings and product administration
  • Installation
  • CE-documentation
  • Analysis
  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering

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Citec Sweden has extensive experience from optimisation, troubleshooting and design of fiber lines and waste water treatment plants as well as technical evaluation of equipment and process solutions. An independent alternative to suppliers to provide process solutions in early stages of a project, for example in concept studies and feasibility studies. In addition, we have vast knowledge in process design from dimensioning to production of programming documentation.

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Engineering Analysis

We have extensive experience from different types of calculations and assignments. Our offering covers static and dynamic simulations using FEM, Computational Fluid Dynamics, calculations according to piping and pressure vessel codes and fatigue evaluations. We can also act as support in the implementation of regulatory requirements and regulations.

We can work both in individual calculation assignments as well as part of large multidisciplinary projects. Our close collaboration with other Citec countries allows us to constantly improve the set up to be able to offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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Our global offering

We deliver services through global high performing expert organisation with superior quality, competence, flexibility and cost efficiency to our customers.


Check out our offering and contact us!

Why work at Citec Sweden?

It is all about the Team!

Above all, we emphasise well-being and helping and supporting each other. Employee well-being as well as constant investment in knowledge development is our top priority.

Citec Sweden is in an expansive phase, which means great opportunities to influence both your own career journey and the future of Citec Sweden. Our organisation is flat and we believe in mentoring. It is important that everyone feels involved, regardless of role or title.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package that is constantly improving. Half days and squeeze days in connection with public holidays.


Wonderful atmosphere and exciting assignments

Citec Sweden can offer you a great network of various stakeholders with a focus on long-term relationships with our customers. We have close collaboration with other Citec Group countries on a global level, but also with partners such as universities, self-employed and other consulting companies.

Sustainability and climate impact reduction are a natural part of everyday life at Citec Sweden. It is reflected both in the project work and in the work environment.

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  • Gustaf Anders Gata 15E
  • 653 40 Karlstad


  • Liljeholmsstranden 5
  • 117 43 Stockholm


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For more information, contact:

Fredrik Nilsson
Managing Director
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 76 188 1950
Gustav Nilsson
Head, Plant Engineering
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 70 293 5955
Jessica Winslow
Head, Engineering Analysis
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 70 253 7068
Pontus Nordström
Head, Business Development and Sales
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 70 639 8478
Semi Brini
Sémi Brini
Manager, Electrical, Instrumental & Automation
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 70 508 0164
Lisa Sundén
HR Specialist
Citec Sweden
Phone: +46 73 152 5868