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Citec Norway office is located in Asker (outside Oslo). Our workforce counts 50-100 persons. We work within the same business segments as the rest of Citec. Our longest and strongest references are related to New Energy, LNG and Oil & Gas.

We work in the complete value chain – from feasibility studies, concepts and FEED’s to Detail Engineering, and our expertise is much focused on process/energy plants, modules and skids. In short everything that flows in pipes. Through our local presence – global resourcing concept, Citec Norway works in close co-operation with Citec in other Citec countries to utilize the best available expertise and most cost-effective services.

We are confident that there is a need for truly customer-oriented and efficient engineering companies with high competence in today’s ever-changing markets. Recent customer feedback also shows that our customers appreciate our flexibility and cooperation capability. We like large projects, but we also enjoy small project, as it builds relationships with important Clients. We remain fully committed to serve you in your projects.

IEA World Energy Outlook 2020 publication builds on different scenarios on future energy outlook. According to IEA, it’s evident that share of New Energy investments is growing significantly already within this decade. Other publications, like the BP Energy Outlook 2020, share the same message.

For Citec it’s a welcomed challenge. We can already see a clear pattern of increasing share of New Energy projects in our project portfolio. Citec has traditionally been strong in energy projects. Now, we have experienced that solid process and engineering knowledge is an excellent basis to build on. For example, our engineering competences of hazardous fluids and gas systems can be applied in New Energy projects as well as in traditional energy, Oil & Gas or LNG projects. We have been involved in several New Energy projects, for example related to following technologies:

  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
  • Hydrogen
  • Thermal treatment of waste onboard ships
  • Cryogenic energy storage system
  • LNG/LBG projects (Liquefied Natural Gas / Liquefied Bio Gas)
  • Energy from waste plants

Still, we are eager to continue to develop and assist with oil & gas in general and in particular with FPSO expertise engineering.

Services are ranging from conceptual studies to basic engineering, detail engineering or even support in operations.

Our engineers have replied to new challenges with enthusiasm. Most important has been the willingness to learn and to adapt old skills into new technologies. Skills and competences have been shared over country boundaries in order to secure right competence in all projects. New Energy is a core of our strategy, our aim is to further strengthen our competences related. And remember, in the end it is not only competence that matters. We want, first and foremost, you to succeed – you can count on our attitude when you assign us to a project.


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Citec can support you in all project stages.

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Citec Norway's Services

Multidiscipline engineering within all engineering disciplines and information services. Typical product areas:

  • LNG
    • Regasification (FSRU; FRU, land-based)
    • Liquefaction (FLNG, land-based)
    • Utility systems
  • New Energy
    • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
    • Hydrogen
    • Thermal treatment of waste onboard ships
    • Cryogenic energy storage system
    • LNG/LBG projects (Liquefied Natural Gas / Liquefied Bio Gas)
    • Energy from waste plants

  • Oil & Gas
    • Separation & produced water
    • Flare
    • Water Injection
    • Gas Compression & Gas Dehydration (TEG)
    • Utility Systems
    • Power
    • Integration
    • Marine systems
    • Energy plants

Let Ciesta handle your Weight & Cost estimation

Profitable investments require accurate estimates of projects in early phases. There is also an increasing need to analyse a larger set of project design combinations in order to optimize the field’s economy. Ciesta is a software application for weight and cost estimates for offshore fields designed to meet these demands.

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Our offering

We deliver services through global high performing expert organisation with superior quality, competence, flexibility and cost efficiency to our customers.

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How to capture carbon

Few other countries in the world have invested in combating climate change as strongly as Norway. Among other measures, the country is currently investigating carbon capture and storage, commonly known as CCS. Citec has recently been involved in an advanced CCS feasibility study in Norway, which was initiated by the Norwegian authorities through the company Gassnova, with Klemetsrudanlegget AS (now Fortum Oslo Varme KEA AS) as Citec’s client.

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We are always open for interesting candidates.

We are a stable growth company. We offer you global working environment, exciting projects and the freedom to develop. The atmosphere at Citec is friendly and the colleagues are skilled.

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