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We are an international multi-discipline engineering and technical documentation partner providing industrial plant and product solutions with digital innovation from single projects to business process outsourcing.

We deliver services through global high performing expert organisation with superior quality, competence, flexibility and cost efficiency to our customers.

Sustainability is important for us. We have, for many years, worked with projects within LNG, solar, hydrogen waste to energy and more.

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Sustainability at Citec

In line with Citec’s vision, we want to help our customers to achieve their strategic business and sustainability targets. This means that we should be familiar with current customers’ sustainability plans and pro-actively engage with them to accelerate their plans.

At the same time our history and strong references in working with sustainable solutions projects provides a good opportunity to look for new partners and projects. Thus, our approach is two-fold, on one hand, develop our ongoing relationships towards more sustainable solutions and on the other hand look for new opportunities to grow.

Our references

Corporate Responsibility

Citec Operational Framework is the basis for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Citec. Within the Operational Framework, the Citec Operational policy and Citec Code of conduct govern ESG decisions and actions with a wider perspective.

Our processes are aligned over the organisational and country boarders in order to secure quality, efficiency and transparency by all. We also follow the UN Global Compact principles and proactively communicate and train personnel in the ESG matters.

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Citec 3DEncore

Make the most of your 3D assets! Citec 3DEncore provides plant model access to project stakeholders and makes related documentation easy to find.
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Citec 3D measurement & scanning

View your plant whenever and wherever with Citec 3D Encore’s scanning & measurement feature.
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Citec Robotics

Secure superior quality and cost savings in your projects by using our Robotic Process Automation, RPA, solution.
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Plant engineering

Plant engineering

Smooth multi-discipline engineering. We lower your total cost and make sure your plant is delivered on time. Having delivered over 1000 plants all over the world, we know how. Read more

Product engineering

Product engineering

We design the products around your core expertise – allowing you to fully focus on your business. Read more

Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

Need flexible resourcing? Need an expert advice? Not enough own resources? Not right competence at your own pay roll? Cannot recruit?​ Read more

Technical documentation

Technical documentation

Accurate information finds you. Wherever you are. On any device. Read more

Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Citec digital offering adding value as part of Citec deliverables. Read more

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Do you have questions about our services?

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We work together with our customers to resolve technical and delivery challenges – to innovate value added solutions in plant and product engineering, technical documentation and digital solutions.

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