Viktor Andersson is a Mechanical Engineer with a background from the automotive as well as the defense industry. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design. Viktor studied in China for a period and speaks Swedish, English as well as some Chinese. He joined our team in Karlstad, Sweden in August.

Hello, Viktor, and welcome to Citec! Why did you choose Citec?

I was looking for new challenges and before joining the company, I heard positive things about Citec from people I know. I heard that in Karlstad there has been reinforcement in disciplines such as Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation as well as Mechanical, which interests me in particular. I like the idea that the company is growing.

How has your first months been?

I had a good start and I have enjoyed the experience so far. I work 100% at customer premises but I had the opportunity to work in our Karlstad office the first month to get to know the colleagues. I also got a thorough introduction to the company, our various disciplines, systems and the way we work and deliver projects. The team in Karlstad gets together also outside the office. This is of course voluntary but it is great that many people participate. These after work get togethers are really nice.

The projects I am now involved in are in pulp and paper industry. I do reverse engineering which means that I prepare drawings and designs of existing parts of machines that need to be replaced.

My experience is mainly from automotive industry which differs a bit from pulp and paper or chemical industries. I appreciate how my colleagues have been understanding and willing to help if I don’t have some specific knowledge related to pulp and paper.

Does your job have an impact on the society?

I’d like to think what I do matters. I have always been interested in developing things and making them better, improving them. That is why I became an Engineer.

In Mechanical Engineering, we try to do our parts in efficient and cost-effective way. This is something that is always on our mind. We reduce materials and parts. That’s how we contribute to a sustainable future.

What do you value in a work community and how does Citec stand out?

I appreciate openness and prestigiousness. The ability to collaborate between disciplines in multi-disciplinary projects is important. As a Mechanical Engineer I have for example worked with Plant Engineers at Citec and I have experienced that willingness to help and collaborate.

In Karlstad we have a good mix of people, a great team! In my experience Citec’s organisation is flat. Globally we are around 1200 experts, but it feels like a small company. Decisions are fast and the collaboration works between various locations. I also believe that the integration with Cyient will lead to positive new things and opportunities.

Thank you, Viktor! It’s great to have you onboard!


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