Group Management Team is committed to improve and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system and will make sure that the quality policy is communicated and understood in all levels within the company. The Objective is to to ensure the Right Quality for the customers and One Citec compliance internally.

Citec Group provides competence, flexibility and cost efficiency by partnering in plant/product engineering & technical documentation. The responsibility for quality lies with everyone within the organization, it is every employee’s duty to follow up and fulfil the agreed procedures and instructions. The Citec Way of Working ensures that Citec deliver services and products with the correct quality, at the right time, with the right scope and to the agreed costs. To follow up these goals we must:

  • think as One Citec and maintain and follow a common management system
  • take responsibility for customer requirements and expectations
  • have mutual confidence within our company
  • continuously develop our competencies and competitiveness
  • continuously take account the risk and opportunity thinking
  • make sure of the availability of suitable resources

This quality policy states that Citec Group shall strive to fulfil expectations and requirements from our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders in addition to the society in which we are working. To fulfil this we have stated the following quality objectives:

  • provide and market services and products at the right technical level with the right quality to a competitive cost
  • deliver services and products at the right time and in the right way
  • constantly improve the quality of the work among every employee
  • continuously improve and monitor the processes in order to create added value
  • co-operate properly with the company’s suppliers to insure the quality and delivery time
  • conduct global operations in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements and promote appropriate voluntary initiatives that support this policy

CEO, Managing Directors and Vice Presidents have the ultimate responsibility for enforcing the quality policy. They shall also support all initiatives that can fulfil the stated quality goals and objectives, including quality improvement. In addition to this, the managers shall:

  • give the employees the correct information and training in order to ensure the right quality
  • work for good relations between the employees, work environment and co-operation
  • stimulate an innovative atmosphere in order to motivate, learn and use new skills as well as share best practices