Citec Finland

Citec’s head office is located in Vaasa and the other offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Pietarsaari. The number of personnel in Finland today amounts to approximately 500.

Welcome to Citec Finland

Global resourcing - local presence

We are a strong engineering and technical documentation company when it comes to global project execution. This means that we can benefit from resources from any other Citec country in our project. Global resourcing from Finland provided in cooperation with our global organization has enabled cost-competitive and highly skilled personnel for many industrial engineering projects. As part of the Citec Group we operate on the principle global resourcing – local presence. Our global project execution efficiency is heavily supported by our digitalized solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Services & Experience

Citec Finland offers the whole Citec service range, in other words multi-discipline engineering and information management services to the Energy and Power industry and other technology-dependent industries.

A key success factor is effective communication between our customers, project teams in Finland and other Citec countries. The latest technology regarding design and communications tools secures a successful project delivery.

At Citec Finland, we have 30 years of engineering and documentation services experience. Further, we have delivered full scope engineering for complex plant projects for the industry.


Strong competence

Our personnel is well educated and we offer continuous competence development.

Citec’s engineers provide as well strong practical knowledge from for instance mechanical engineering, as solid theoretical competence. Global resourcing is in our DNA, we have the track-record and references to prove it works.

It’s great to see when we as a team work towards the same goals, and when everybody is performing at their best. When you realise that our global organisation is truly efficient and we work as One Citec no matter where in the world we sit.

Joakim Ingves, Head of Civil Engineering

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Citec - a significant technology consulting company

Citec has the second highest level of exports of all technology consulting firms in Finland

Citec is the tenth largest technology consulting company in Finland

Source: Finnish Association of Consulting Firms, SKOL (Liikevaihtotilasto 2016).

The way I see it, the biggest and most important skill in my job is to listen and discuss, and act based on that. My team, colleagues, clients and partners bring me the most pleasure and enthusiasm for my work.

Antti Hahtala, Head of Project Management

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Head office: Vaasa

  • Silmukkatie 2
  • 65101 Vaasa

Citec Finland: Helsinki metropolitan area

  • Teknobulevardi 3-5
  • 01530 VANTAA

Citec Finland: Oulu

  • Elektroniikkatie 2B
  • 90590 Oulu

Citec Finland: Pietarsaari

  • Raatihuoneenkatu 11
  • 68600 Pietarsaari

Citec Finland: Tampere

  • Hermiankatu 6-8 D
  • 33720 Tampere

Citec Finland: Turku

  • Apilakatu 13 A
  • 20740 Turku

For more information, contact:

Ralf Petell
Business Development
Citec Group
Phone: +358 500 163 841