Citec provides industrial engineering solutions for plants and products, and technical documentation and digital solutions.

Citec’s Group is committed to improving and maintaining the effectiveness of the Health and Safety aspects, objectives and targets.

Citec will proactively promote Health and Safety for its employees. Citec is promoting a well-functioning and safe working by taking both preventive as well as supportive actions related to physical well-being, mental well-being, social well-being as well as a safe and healthy work environment in own offices, working at customers premises and during business trips.

Citec also follows the UN sustainability goals (SDGs). The most relevant UN SDGs towards Citec’s own employees are (in no particular order):

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequality

The responsibility of a well-functioning workplace is carried by the individuals, the team and the company management. Risk assessment and safety plans are in place for each individual. We focus in preventive health and safety. Health care is organized by the country practises. In case of sickness Citec actively works towards a smooth return to work for the individual.

Citec’s CEO, the Group Management Team, Vice Presidents and Managing Directors shall ensure the alignment of Citec’s worldwide business strategy and operations with this Health and Safety policy and confirm our commitment to:

  • Follow the UN Sustainability goals.
  • Conduct global operations in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  • Anticipate Health and Safety issues and promote appropriate voluntary initiatives that support this policy.
  • Strive for injury free workplaces and business travels through high employee involvement and a strong health and safety program.
  • Use process safety and management techniques like audits, analysis, operability studies and documentation of safety related information to minimize Health and Safety associated nonconformaties within our operations.
  • Strive to continuously improve our own and customers global Health and Safety performance by utilizing practices that protect employees.
  • Train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in a safe manner.
  • Review and report on a periodic basis the Health and Safety performance of the Group and Country operations which may include the setting and review of Health and Safety objectives and targets used to promote continuous improvement.