Digital solutions

Citec digital offering adding value as part of Citec deliverables.

Robotics – increased quality and efficiency to project delivery

What Robotics is:
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are software tools (Robots), which are emulating the behavior of human knowledge worker.

Robotics in Citec projects:
Robots are executing tasks containing predefined steps typically based on certain input, e.g. transferring data from one system to another.

Practical examples:
1. Expensive and complex integrations between systems
2. Data/document flow automation
3. Document content creation


  • 24/7
  • Quality
  • Scalability

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Citec 3DEncore

Make the most of your 3D assets! Citec 3DEncore provides plant model access to project stakeholders and makes related documentation easy to find.
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The CitecDot solution puts together all the information and interaction of a project in one online platform. As a result human errors, delays and extra costs are reduced to almost zero.
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Do your information management strategies support your business goals? We can help you find out.
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Check out our new video about Citec 3DEncore - a digital twin platform which allows you to view your plant wherever and whenever!

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Jaakko Rintala
Vice President, Technical Documentation & Digital Solutions
Citec Group
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Simon Fröjdö
Sales Director Region Europe, Key Accounts
Citec Group
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