3D animations by Wasco
3D animations by Wasco

Project description

The customer needed expert help with the creation of utility modules P-63 for the Papa Terra field in Brazil. Thanks to our experience and competence the customer chose us as their partner in this project.

The project included design of two utility modules (M81 + M82) in a consortium. We were involved in the design through the process design and instrument design working together with Wasco, which was responsible for delivering the total module design.

Citec's scope

Our solution was to set up a team of experts to handle the multi-discipline concept, engineering management and Process & Instrumentation engineering.

We were responsible for multi-discipline concept, engineering management and process engineering & instrumentation (E&I).

These project tasks were executed by M7 Offshore, which is now a Citec Group company.


Case in brief
Customer: Wasco, end customer: Petrobras
Project location: Brazil