Project description

Together with other providers Andritz AB was commissioned by Södra Cell Mönsterås to deliver new equipment for a new mill. The assignment included 2 handling lines together with their feeders and 2 new handlers.

Citec's scope

Citec provided all the strength calculations required for the construction and the preparation of complete drawings for the construction in accordance with the customer’s requests for new capabilities and the wood varieties to be handled.

In addition, Citec checked the delivered production from the other suppliers on Andritz AB’s behalf and offered technical advice during the installation process.

Case in brief
Customer: Andritz AB
Project location: Sweden
Year completed: 2012
Technical data:

High performance horizontally fed mill with a cutting aperture of 800 mm:

  • Diameter of cutting board: 3400 mm
  • Thickness of cutting board: 210 mm
  • Speed of cutting board: 246 rpm
  • Number of knives: 12 pc.
  • Max. diameter of log 800 mm
  • Chip length: 16-35 mm
  • Capacity based on chip length: 800-1300 m3 chip/hour
  • Inertia moment J: 23 600 kgm2
  • Heaviest weight on chip length (axle, cutting board and storage): 18 000 kg
  • Net weight excluding motor and gear system: 31 000 kg