Project description

In Berlevåg, Norway, there is one of few plants in Europe already producing green hydrogen. There, Varanger Kraft produces electricity from wind power. Since there is a potential in the future to produce more electricity than can be transported out of the Varanger peninsula, hydrogen was decided to be used as an energy carrier. For that purpose an international cooperation project was stablished. The funding for the project comes through an EU Horizon 2020 funded program, Haeolus.

The plant is already in operation, but the last piece in the puzzle, to produce fuel, is not yet established. However, Varanger Kraft Hydrogen (VKH) has made plans to expand the facility to sell compressed hydrogen to potential customers. VKH has engaged Citec to perform a detailed engineering design, that includes procurement assistance, of a hydrogen compression (1 tonne/day) and high-pressure mobile storage packages (350 bar) to be located adjacent to the existing hydrogen production building.

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Citec's scope

  • Process and Mechanical Engineering
  • Technical Procurement
  • Layout and Structural Engineering
  • Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation
Case in brief
Customer: Varanger Kraft Hydrogen
Project location: Norway