As of January 2021, we launch some organizational updates within Citec Group. We believe in strong partnerships and aim to build long-term relationships with our industrial customers. Today Citec is an international multi-discipline engineering services company operating in the energy, process, oil & gas and manufacturing sectors with more than 1000 talented and committed employees. We provide industrial engineering solutions and consultancy for plants and products, and technical documentation and digital solutions. We deliver our services through our global high performing expert organization. Throughout Citec, we are flexible to work with, and we strive for superior quality and cost-efficiency to our customers.

We have managed quite well despite the global COVID-19 situation, and now aim for growth in 2021. At the moment, we are for instance supporting many of our customers in modularization, and supporting them with sustainable energy and production related solutions – and building a cleaner and better world,

Johan Westermarck, CEO.

We continue to focus on strong key account management through dedicated key account teams in order to ensure great customer experience and satisfaction. Now when we enter 2021 with full pace, we want to further emphasize and strengthen sales with the establishment of a new global Business Development unit. We also strive to further strengthen the excellence in service delivery by adjusting the structure of Europe into one consolidated European Accounts unit. During 2020, we have made customer agreements with US based companies, and have concluded that the Americas is an important market area for us as we see more interesting business opportunities there that fits our offering very well. Therefore, we establish a joint Asia & Americas Accounts unit with the responsibility for both large markets.

The following changes are announced on Citec Group Management level:
Nasir Mulani, currently Vice President of Engineering Delivery Centre & Managing Director of Citec India, assumes the role as Vice President, Asia & Americas Accounts in addition to his current responsibilities.

Sakari Koivuniemi, currently Vice President, Finland & Germany Accounts assumes the role as Vice President, Business Development

Jukka Kallioniemi, currently Vice President, Sweden, Norway & France Accounts has been appointed Vice President, European Accounts

Mari Kytöharju joins Citec as new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Group Administration. Mari Kytöharju returns to Citec from the position as CFO of WasaGroup

The other GMT members continue in their current positions.