Citec has been using robotics (Robotic Process Automation, RPA) for years in different kinds of engineering projects. What is then RPA? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are software tools (robots), that are emulating the behaviour of human knowledge. Citec’s target is to have our engineering expertise focused on the design and thanks to robotics we minimize the overhead, which is related to engineering work. Robotics is an essential part in securing superior quality in our deliverables.

Efficiency gainer – In every large-scale engineering project there is non-value add time used in different kinds of tasks. Transferring the engineered models, drawings and meta-data between different systems is something that is essential and needed, but still is not value-adding time spent in the project. At Citec we have customer and project focused approach where we systematically identify and automate all tasks, where we see it as beneficial and consequently supporting the project to reach it targets. These benefits are measurable, and they realize typically as cost-savings.

Quality keeper – Quality in engineering project is seen as efficiency in the production and construction, it is seen as profitability of the project, and it is seen as a safe and sustainable solution. Quality is where we, as well as our customers can bring value-add to owners and users of the engineered solution, no matter if it is a product or a power plant. In order to ensure the quality in engineering, Citec systematically has our expertise focusing on the design as a complete solution. We use robotics as a supportive element in the design quality checking to minimize trivial human errors. As a practical example – we are using robotics in checking right component and material selections in our 3D models. We also are using robotics and image recognition in comparing the different drawing versions to ensure the integrity of the design data throughout the engineering project.

Interested to hear more? We have the expertise to support your engineering operations in increasing the efficiency and quality with robotics for your industrial engineering project, too.

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