Trough information analysis we help our customers to evaluate the maturity level of their documentation. The analysis includes an evaluation of the processes as well as a mapping of any challenges that different stakeholders in the organisation experience. The outcome of the analysis is benchmarked with market trends and other companies within the segment so that improvement areas and possible needs can be mapped. Information analysis can be performed to any documentation process.

Our long-time partner, Wärtsilä Energy Business, Technology & Product Management, is striving towards a higher degree of configure-to-order design of their product portfolio. One important part of this initiative is the development of a top-notch standard documentation library, which Citec got the opportunity to be a part of.

“Citec was a natural choice to perform the analysis because of our long partnership and tight collaboration. Our trust is high with Citec and you well fulfilled our expectations by delivering a comprehensive report identifying current bottlenecks and the next steps forward”, says Erik Jungner, Director, Solution Design & Product Management at Wärtsilä Energy.

Citec’s scope was to carry out an information analysis to assess the maturity level of the current product documentation as well as to create product documentation strategies for specified products, identify existing standard documents and specifying the structure of the standard document library.

Erik Jungner, Director, Solution Design & Product Management at Wärtsilä Energy

“Our business environment in Energy Business has gradually changed towards stricter requirements which lead to higher product portfolio complexity. That makes it more challenging to have a lean and easily maintained documentation base”, says Erik. “The timing of the information analysis project was very good considering we just released a renewed strategy for our products & solutions. The bottlenecks that the report points out are very valuable forcreating our action plans. The analysis objectively shows where we are at the moment and forms a good base when we start building the next generation of documentation library. We will continue partnering with Citec to fix the findings and to bring the product documentation base to the next level in a productive way together”, Erik continues.

“This project really illustrated the strength with a long and transparent partnership. We had the opportunity to evaluate and develop a new concept together with our partners, something we both benefit from. I look forward to be part of this continuous transformation” says Victoria Horn, Director of Business Development, Technical Documentation and Digital Solutions at Citec.

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