Boris is originally from Russia but has lived in Finland since the beginning of 2020. He speaks Russian, English and gets along in everyday situations in Finnish. He started at Citec in August and is based in Espoo, Finland. We met Boris for a chat about his thoughts as a fresh Citecian.

How have your first months been and what are your first impressions about Citec?

I think my onboarding at Citec has been one of the best onboardings in my career. The projects that I have so far participated have helped me understand the mode of operations at Citec and the processes. I see that our systems are very clear. One of the key reasons that I chose Citec was the high level of digitalisation and how modern tools are used at Citec. My expectations have been fully met regarding this.

My Line Manager is flexible, and we get along really well. I have learnt in practice that I can rely on my colleagues anytime. Even if we face challenges or difficulties, we will find a solution with team work. Everyone is so interested in what they do, and they are determined to find solutions.

It gives you the feeling that we can resolve anything.

One of the key things that I appreciate in a work community are clarity and open-minded behaviour. I find that we have them both at Citec. Clarity and open mindedness help us achieve all targets that clients have set us or that are established.

What makes Citec different compared to others?

Finnish sisu i.e. strength of will, determination, perseverance, and the way we act rationally in the face of adversity. Even though we are a multicultural company operating in various countries, I can see the Finnish style in doing things.

Anything might happen but we will anyhow finish the project and meet our targets. This is what, in my opinion, distinguishes Citec from others.

It’s great to have you onboard Boris!


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