Hello, Sémi Brini, and welcome to Citec! Tell us about your background, please.

Thank you! I am the new Manager for Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation for Citec Sweden and I joined Citec in November. Me and my family live in the countryside outside of Karlstad, and I am also based at the Karlstad office. At my spare time I enjoy being with my family, doing sports activities and hunting. I have an engineering degree in automation technology from the Örebro University.

You have a long track-record from EIA and companies such as ABB, Outokumpu and Emerson, and most recently from a role as Team Manager at Etteplan. Your mission now is to build up and strengthen the EIA competence in Sweden. How do you think you will contribute to that task?

Well, first of all I really must say that I like the attitude and spirit of Citec. In Sweden, I think we have a kind of start-up mentality with quick decision-making which is important when you grow.

We have stable operations, a good team in place and great customers.

I think I can contribute with my experience of working in a large company such as Emerson, I know how to make progress and succeed with small sub-steps, by working as a service provider, as well as a customer. I understand what is important for an end customer in order to be a credible provider on long-term. For instance, we must remember that automation systems live approximately 25-30 years so longevity is important. We must secure that, by assigning Citec, the customer is satisfied not only tomorrow, but several years later. When it comes to my own experience I feel confident from EIA  engineering roles from for instance Emerson Process Management, where I worked as Lead Engineer and Senior Engineer in many Nordic and global projects during close to ten years.

What attracted you to Citec?

I know several of the key persons at Citec from the past. When I was approached, I was triggered by the growth plans and the opportunity to put my personal stamp on how we shall develop the EIA competence in Sweden and hook up with other countries, as well.

What opportunities do you see for Citec?

I see strong opportunities for growing the Swedish operations in Citec Group. In Sweden, we have had a solid and profitable growth with a strong good customer base. I see that we will expand also to other industry sectors with a better multi-discipline offering capability compared to earlier by strengthening more disciplines. EIA is vital in all kinds of larger engineering projects, in all industry sectors.

How do you view cooperation with other countries?

Very positively. Citec’s global capability is a clear added value for our customers, as well as internally. I have worked with engineering experts in Romania, India and Russia and have strong experience from coordinating remote work.

Thanks for the chat, Sémi, and good luck in your new role!

Thank you and for all readers – please have a look at our open EIA jobs in Sweden here.