Now, when the energy shift accelerates and the world moves towards low-emission energy sources and decarbonising power grids, we at Citec are constantly thinking of new ways to contribute.

With the current geopolitical situation, European Union has accelerated the reduction of its dependency on Russian energy and the overall transition to cleaner alternatives. Battery energy storage systems, offshore wind, low-carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as nuclear power are some of the clean technologies that will increase their share of the energy market.

How can Citec contribute to the energy shift?

Citec’s guidelines regarding Environmental decisions are set in the Citec Environmental policy. Due to the nature of our operations, our footprint i.e. direct impact on environment is quite narrow. However, our handprint i.e. the indirect influence through our services is more significant. The best way for us to shape the future for a cleaner and better world is to do what we know best, provide multi-discipline engineering services to our customers, the leading industrial companies within the energy sector.

In order to succeed in helping our customers to achieve their strategic business and sustainability targets, we need to find ways to proactively reduce our customer projects’ overall environmental impact and to bring technically sustainable solutions to projects. This can be achieved by using, for example, modular design, re-use of existing equipment, optimised material use and optimised transportation to sites as well as digital solutions to our customers.

What we do to reduce our own footprint?

The target of our own sustainability and environmental work is to reduce our direct and indirect CO2 emissions. We have individuated three main categories related to our own footprint i.e. our direct impact on environment. The target is to avoid unnecessary travelling, reduce the carbon footprint of offices, as well as in IT. Taking into consideration our operations, Citec has concluded that these are the most significant ones for Citec.

Let’s keep up the good work of supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability targets and making sure our impact on the environment is positive!

Sustainable solutions at Citec

Citec’s environmental policy